The Spirit Man

Artist: Franklin Umoru

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Collection: The Spirit Man

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A man devoted to spiritual affairs (of any kind known) He overseas what happens beyond our existence in their own language and relates it to us in our earthly language. Some for some reason or the other have tarnished the image of the spirit man who at some point in time was our only source of hearing from the world beneath and Above. The false everything just to make again, dressed and behave exactly like the spirit man so those who can not connect their dots started assuming all spirit men are the same. Before the introduction of the western spirit men, Africa has already had spirit men, they worked wonders, healed the sick, raised the dead, and gave the fruit of the womb to the barren. As days pass by, tradition start diminishing, civilization is taking over and people are no longer interested that much in the spirit men, their great works, and all about them. But remember there are still good Spirit men out there. They were chosen by the Gods