Hormiga Pez Tortuga

Artist: Juanita Glezcón

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Expiry Date: 8/14/2022


Limited Edition: 1

This young artist from Gran Canary has already spent years changing the world with her paintings and drawings, transforming the ordinary, normal, and often boring, into something GLEZCONISIZED. The consequences of glezconisation can be translated as joy, laughter, and uncontrollable desire to have a lot of fun in life. It's highly contagious and therefore highly recommended.

It´s surreal, sometimes simple, sometimes elaborated, always with her special dialect of colors: it´s simply Glezcón. On all these ways the artist has established her own particular expression of her. Without fear of being wrong, you could recognize Glezcón in hundreds of paintings. Like Basquiat painted in the streets of New York with his childish strokes or his friend Keith Haring who dipped his liveliness and simplicity in color, as she had learned from Andy Warhol, Glezcón is authentic and unique. The artist's work has its own language. Glezcon is one of the most important and irresistible artists in the Canarian panorama.