T4F Whitepaper

Project Thought 4 Food

The aim of this project is to create a self-generating-revenue-stream S.G.R.S for charities and causes, whilst at the same time promoting the encouragement of community compassion’.

Currently, the majority of donations to charities or specific causes are subjected to a perceptual annual cycle which includes, at times, what could be considered as extortionate. Reductions from donations include administration costs and fees etc. It is only after these deductions are made that the remaining funds are then allocated to the designated charities or causes.

e.g. Purchase a T4FoodNFT for 10ADA

However, there is the possibility to explore an alternative solution that would allow 100% of all donations to be allocated to their own SP -‘STAKEPOOL’. This in turn, will generate a R.B.R.S ‘rewards-based revenue stream’ for the specific charity which can be withdrawn via a smart contract from the wallet that is accessed by the Charity. This allows for the original donation to continue earning rewards for that specific charity.

The Cardano protocol has been designed for the rewards to be distributed every 5 days to the SPO’s, allowing for charities to plan and budget costs in order to develop at a more consistent pace giving a deterministic income for the charity.

Initially once a new charity is set up donations to the wallet would be allocated to STAKEPOOL: HOTEL - Making sure that the funds donated would be earning rewards from the start.

Once the charity’s pool has began constant block production, with regular delegates then the Master Wallets funds would be transferred to their own pool, locked and secured.

Additionally any ADA that are securely locked in and not being sold will be taken out of circulation , in a sense they are being burned. However ‘being burned’ to a wallet which has been staked to earn rewards will help further its cause for generations #ForeverDonations.

Finally, the plan would be to have a governance (GOV) token for all the Team, Donators and Delegators of the charity so they all have equal status. Important decisions can be discussed and delegated between individuals. Strategies, going forward could include, access to the rewards locked wallet, subjected to a time lock period and a members threshold to be met. For example,
to ensure security and decentralisation three separate votes would have to be required and unanimous.
Firstly, a 51% majority would be required from each party which includes, the community/NFT holders, secondly, the Board of the company or charity selected by the public, and finally, the team that runs the charity on the ground.
This will generate constant donations forever.