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Doc SPO PRO.Te.Ge Medal

ADA 29.00
ADA 29.00
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About Doc

A small pool run by a nerdy family doctor with a passion for all things Cardano.
I started this pool with a few goals in mind:
First, I would like to give back to the community by donating a portion of our returns to cancer research. Working as a family doctor cancer is a regular diagnosis I run into. In practice, there are two ways to increase the survivability of any cancer diagnosis: prevention or early detection and effective treatment. I hope to increase prevention through education on my Twitter account and increase the efficacy of treatment by funding further research. Currently, the plan is to donate 20% of the pool fees to the Canadian Cancer Society. Once the pool grows I plan to increase the margin slightly to increase the pool rewards and as a result the donation amount.

Second, I hope to help the Cardano ecosystem grow by increasing awareness and by increasing its decentralization. I truly believe Cardano can become something amazing if given a chance. By running a stake pool I hope to do my part in keeping the network decentralized but also educating others on the potential it has to change the world.

Pool ticker: DOC

Pool ID: 9084ebeb011e610e695068a74fa883dac5eda55faca77107b5f40064


Doc SPO Medals

NP Niceper Planet

Imagine a planet somewhere in our Galaxy  that is inhabited by nice persons. Not necessarily nice people, because they are not human,  but nice persons, or Nicepers. Because that is what the inhabitants of this planet are called. Nicepers are more evolved than humans, because they have left their primordial insticts behind.

Nicepers do not go to war with eachother. They do not engage in petty arguments. Instead they all share a common vision of their existence which is simply to make life as easy and pleasant for one another as possible. Sounds great, doesn't it? What if all people on earth would behave like this? What if our main purpose was to first look after our fellow men and women, and be concerned about their happiness? This is the imaginary planet called NiceperPlanet, and this project aims to get us there...a little step at a time.