Cardano Boutique Hotel #1 Collection

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Cardano Boutique Hotel

Africa Deal NFT - Cardano Boutique Hotel #1 Collection 3/5

ADA 50.00
ADA 50.00
Unit Price

The Cardano Boutique Hotel #1 Collection consists of 5 NFTs.

Four images of the collection hold 100 copies and there are 1000 of the 5th

(ADA Lovelace) available.

Once 100 images are sold from each of the five CNFTs,  those owners who have purchased all 5 CNFTs will be eligible to be automatically entered into a draw to win a  FREE STAY (max. 1 week) at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona.

Cardano Boutique Hotel #1 Collection

NP Niceper Planet

Imagine a planet somewhere in our Galaxy  that is inhabited by nice persons. Not necessarily nice people, because they are not human,  but nice persons, or Nicepers. Because that is what the inhabitants of this planet are called. Nicepers are more evolved than humans, because they have left their primordial insticts behind.

Nicepers do not go to war with eachother. They do not engage in petty arguments. Instead they all share a common vision of their existence which is simply to make life as easy and pleasant for one another as possible. Sounds great, doesn't it? What if all people on earth would behave like this? What if our main purpose was to first look after our fellow men and women, and be concerned about their happiness? This is the imaginary planet called NiceperPlanet, and this project aims to get us there...a little step at a time.