14/05/2022 - 16/05/2022

May 14th...the main event of a month long NFT information and #art presentation at Cardano Hotel Ginebra Barcelona, in collaboration with Zohart Gallery


We are happy to invite you to the first NFThubs Event on May 14th at Hotel Ginebra

Barcelona. NFThubs is a young NFT platform created on the Cardano blockchain. The mission of the platform is to build a global community of artists and give power back to them.
Zohart Gallery is a project "from artists for artists". It opens the door to a world of opportunities that really help them, for example, in terms of selling works and creating new connections. Sales can happen directly or indirectly, in different countries and spaces.

Who is invited?
We are inviting Cardano community members, NFT enthusiasts, artists and art gallery owners.

What is the purpose of the event?
Many artists are curious about NFTs as a way to digitize their art, but don't know where to start. Therefore, we are bringing together those who are knowledgeable about Cardano and the crypto community, with those who would love to do NFT but lack the technological know-
how. And, of course, NFThubs is available as a platform to welcome anyone who wants to make their first NFTs.

What happens at the event?
NFThubs is organising the event in collaboration with the Zohart Gallery artist collective.
Zohart is inviting a select number of artists to exhibit their work during the event. At the same time, there will be an introductory talk, a short video with explanations about NFT’s, and a screening of other artwork provided by Zohart.
So, it's a great way to connect the NFT world, meet a lot of new interesting people, see one of the best located affordable hotels in Barcelona and, of course, drinks, snacks and entertainment provided by Zohart.

Admission is Free
Due to limited capacity, it is very important that you indicate your approximate arrival time, so that guests can go inside and outside the event if necessary. All the participants must register
via this Meetup event.

COVID-19 safety measures

The event will take place indoors but with an attached outdoor terrace. Specific safety measures such as masks are not required,
but you are free to wear whatever protection you deem appropiate, while at the same time you are invited to behave responsably
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.


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