Hello art lovers and followers of The Art Suite.
As most of you know, The Art Suite is an NFT platform that, although up and running, is still under development.
So every now and then it will be our pleasure to update everybody on our progress.and today is that day.

When we created The Art Suite (formerly NFThubs) in December of 2021, it was built on Shopify to allow us to quickly give shape to an idea we had.
The intention was always to substitute Shopify with our own codebase.
We are thrilled to announce that that moment has arrived. 
For the last two and a half months our developers team has been quietly working away and now delivered right on schedule!

Being able to build on our own codebase means we are no longer bound by the restrictions of a third party platform but free to create anything we desire.
The first thing we have done was to address the onboarding process. 
Whereas before this was manual and required a lot of back and forth between our team and any artists that wished to onboard the platform, now that entire process has become fully automated and joining the platform is now very fast and easy. 
Easy onboarding now opens the doors to an unlimited amount of new artists from anywhere in the world.
Having said that, The Art Suite reserves the right to deny access to the platform. New applications now arrive in our central control panel and only if the applicant has "ticked all the boxes" will we put the artist in question live on the platform.

The other thing we can now do is activate our Artist Agent Program!
Artists can onboard themselves, but can also join The Art Suite with the help of agents. Agents who are not just there to assist any artists that ask for help, but who will also go and look for new artists to join The Art Suite.
Our artist agent program allows us to activate agents in any city in the world and delve into the local artist community and invite artists to join. 
So it is not a stretch to imagine that in no time there will be artists from pretty much anywhere in the world on the platform.

Currently the development team is testing the new features and will press the "Go" button as soon as we are confident that everything is working properly. This ought to not take longer than a few days.
There are a few more upgrades and new features in the pipeline and hopefully ready for launch by August 1 which is when we plan to issue a new update on the development of The Art Suite.

See you all soon, and we wish everybody a happy art-ful day today!